Hospice Services

It's About How You Live!

The focus of Hospice relies on the belief that each of us has the right to die as pain free as possible and with dignity. Hospice involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, symptom control, and spiritual and emotional support tailored to a person's needs and wishes. Support is provided to the person's loved ones as well!
Our Team Approach
Your Primary Care Physician directs your care.

Hospice Medical Director oversees the team.

Experienced Nurses coordinate your medical services.

Social Workers address emotional and psychosocial
needs of your and your family.

Certified Hospice Aides assist with personal care.

Spiritual Coordinator offers support services from spiritual
to grief to bereavement.

Volunteers provide special support.
"Compassionate Beyond Measure."

"I have told everyone about the wonderful care we received from Hospice."

"Everyone was awesome."

"I can't really find enough words to thank all of you personally. May God always bless you."

"It was an amazing experience. Thanks to all of you who helped in my father's time of need."
Patient Comments

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